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Click for Great Falls, Montana Forecast

Tonight's Sky In The CMAS Area of Montana:  Check what's up in the local area sky today.  Pick your date and time.

Heavens Above: The best site to follow orbiting satellites, check night sky, and find comets.

Space Weather.com:   News and information about solar flares, Sunspots, northern lights, comets, asteroids & meteors.

Clear Sky Clock:   It's a prediction of when Great Falls, Montana, will have good weather for astronomical observing.

Northern Lights Predictions: Real-time Predictions on a activity scale of 1(low)-10(high).

Local CMAS Weather: Check the weather and the skies over the Great Falls, Montana Area.

Shadow & Substance:  A website to display popular astronomy both visually and entertainingly.

Your Sky World-Wide:  Check what's up in any sky on the planet.  Pick your location, date and time.

Sun/Moon Data For Any Day:  Check the rising and setting times and phases of the moon

USA National Weather: Check the USA National Weather Report from CNN.com

Master Clock:  Check the time, convert to Universal Time and convert to Local Apparent Sidereal Time.

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